Carla Adams | Operations Manager, AT & T

“I have always told you from the very first day I met you that I felt a connection.  More like a sister feeling.  I became very comfortable with you instantly.  I felt like I could share almost anything with you.  With that information you gave me great advice.  You helped me to look at self-closer and make the necessary changes to better myself.  You helped me to see how my actions could affect others in a negative way and how I could tweak my actions to better help me to shine.  You helped me to see how to better respond to others when I am upset or feeling betrayed.  Whether it was by your verbal guidance or by observing your actions during certain situations.  All in aa you have been an amazing help to me in so many various ways.  I appreciate you and the time I had with you.  I am prayerful that you will reach high goals and blossom in your endeavors.  Much love to you always and THANKS again.”