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What’s holding you back?

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Hi, I’m K-Love

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I am a certified professional coach that believes you ought to live life on purpose. And by that, I mean you do not leave your days to chance and luck, but you wake every day with a plan to accomplish at least one task that leads you to your lifelong dream of living a successful, fulfilling abundant life.

I utilize strategies to help you tap into your inner strengths, embrace change, and maximize your productivity. My goal is to help you achieve success in every area of your life. Instead of spending your time watching others climb the mountain of success, why don’t you take action yourself to create a course that leads you to the life you visualize in your dreams. It is time to make life happen personally, relationally, and professionally.

My understanding of psychology and experience in overcoming difficult “real-life” mishaps allows me to empathize with you as my client and develop the necessary strategies to help you overcome your roadblocks and achieve success. I work closely with you as my client to develop a personal and practical step-by-step process that leads you to unlocks your brain, accelerates personal growth, realized milestones, and overall prosperity.

If allowed, I will assist you in maneuvering successfully through the ever-changing spaces in life while you increase your level of happiness, peace, and joy. Allow me, Kristie Love, the opportunity to partner with you to create your “new” life, and work with you to develop a strategy that will lead you to live according to your highest potential.

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What are the benefits from partnering with me as your life strategist?

I will help you…

  • find clarity and design a course for a more productive path

  • assess your risk and assert yourself skillfully

  • define your core values

  • change your mindset in order to take action for success

  • with sound unbiased guidance on how to move forward successfully

  • prioritize things to determine what really matters

  • clarify your values, set meaningful goals, and create an action plan

  • determine what you really want

  • become more efficient by find solutions to challenges you are experiencing

  • overcome setbacks and achieve new growth

  • build confidence in taking calculated risk

  • make through transitions

  • face your fears and overcome  

  • stretch yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone

As your strategist I will be…

  • your Partner to help you achieve your personal and professional goals

  • your sounding board when you are exploring choices

  • your motivational mentor

  • your beacon of light during stormy times

  • the one to push you outside your comfort zone and hold you accountable

  • your designer to help you create a more productive life

  • your referee to help you push the envelope

  • along side you while you put in the hard work

  • the one who gives you unconditional support


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Sign up for a complimentary 30 min session today