L. Raglin | WSB TV – Channel 2

“If you’ve ever had a friend who you can count on to encourage and cheer for you, but also to tell you potentially painful things you know you needed to hear. That’s my friend Kristie.

I have three sisters and an ex-wife who never withhold their opinions and once in a while lend me their ears. I often find myself declaring a “total fast” from hearing their opinions for an extended period of time. Kristie is the sister I trust so much that I’ve sought her out to hear from her when I’ve not in a mood to hear from my natural sibling advisors. Her advice is wisdom that comes not just from life experiences but from a close understanding of how God would give counsel to her.

Kristie is my role model for an organized planner. She always seems to have a vision that’s clear. She communicates the plan in a way that you have to be a complete idiot to miss it! At the right times she let me do things the wrong way in order for to grow in experiential knowledge. At other times she’s used a strong hand to say “no folks” or “no Mr. Raglin, we’re not going to take that path today”.

It’s been my joy and pleasure to call Kristie little sister and friend.